Aiken Pimple Gel 10 ml


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Protect skin from acne naturally and effectively

Formulated with tea tree oil from Australia and salicyllic acid. Aiken tea tree oil skincare range is proven to protect skin from acne naturally and effectively. Tea tree oil – Pure and natural tea tree oil with anti-acne and soothing properties, reduces acne breakout naturally and effectively to promote healthy, acne-free skin, prevents new acne formation. Salicylic acid (BHA) – Penetrates deep into pores and effectively removes dead skin and comedones, fights acne breakouts, unclogs pores, and controls sebum production, anti-acne and oil control. Gel type water-based formula for quick absorption. Dermatologically tested, safe for delicate skin. 0% mineral oil, paraben, alcohol, colourant, fragrance, triehanolamine, imidazolidiny urea.


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