Bubchen Soft Creme


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Purely vegetable oils and moisturizing ingredients protect the delicate skin from drying out. Also ideal for adults.

Bubchen Soft Creme Chapped Cream 20ml – Germany – Extracted from natural herbal ingredients considered to be miraculously effective in skin care and protection. Bubchen Soft Creme is known as an ideal moisturizer for face care in cold and dry weather, suitable for both adults and children. Provides moisture, heals inflamed, damaged skin, brings smooth skin. – In winter, the air temperature is low, the skin of the child is not yet fully developed, the child sweats a lot, the skin fat glands secrete less, the skin is very easy to dry, become rough. In addition, children like to exercise, which can easily cause skin to crack. – Therefore, maintaining young skin soft, elastic, clean, smooth is very important. Bubchen Soft Crème is a perfect choice. – Every day, after bathing the baby, it is necessary to apply Bubchen Soft Creme for children, within 2-3 days, the baby’s skin will be smooth again, in addition to the vitamin and protein components contained in the ingredients will Helps form a protective film to help prevent dry weather. * Advantages: – The product has been dermatologically tested for safety, both children and adults can use it. – Free of mineral oils and artificial fragrances. * Ingredients: Bübchen Soft Creme moisturizing cream with ingredients with pure plant essential oils such as chestnut oil, Carite fruit oil, Sunflower oil, vitamin E… provides necessary moisture to the skin. Helps keep skin soft, smooth, protects delicate skin, helps skin to avoid dryness, cracking. – Nutrients from Chamomile: have the effect of preventing inflammation and reducing irritation. – Pathenol and Beeswax are very effective in maintaining, Protects the skin’s essential moisture. – Carite fruit oil, Sunflower oil make the skin soft – Wheat protein, Vitamin E. * Uses: – Provides necessary moisture to help prevent cracked, dry, itchy skin in the air. The dry air is smooth and soft. – Prevents inflammation and does not cause skin irritation at all. – Helps the inflamed areas of the skin to heal faster. – Bubchen lotion has a mild fragrance, always bringing a comfortable feeling to the baby when used. Bübchen Soft Creme is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, suitable for both adults and children. – Red-green color: strawberry flavor – White-green color: chrysanthemum scent * How to use – Apply to face, body, use after every baby shower and before going out. – Take an appropriate amount, use your finger to dab the product on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin then apply evenly over the entire face in a circular motion. – Pat to absorb the product completely. Use the cream twice a day, morning and night for best effect.


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